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h3. Site sections
* Features * Download * Documentation * Example installations * Troubleshooting * Developmenth3.### External links* "[Suggestions board":](http://mojomojo.ideascale.com) * MojoMojo on ** * "[wikimatrix.org":](http://www.wikimatrix.org/show/MojoMojo **) * "[ohloh.net":](http://www.ohloh.net/projects/mojomojo **) * "[freshmeat.net":](http://freshmeat.net/projects/mojomojo//) * "[Slideshare.net presentation":](http://www.slideshare.net/marcusramberg/mojomojo-talk-presentation)
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h1. mojomojo.org

Thanks to Wikipedia, most people today have heard of Wikis. Depending on your definition, MojoMojo might be a Wiki. It certainly makes it effortless to create web pages of text, and it can be configured so that anyone can edit any page. It can also be configured so you have to register to edit a page, or you can even disable registration. However, the thing that sets MojoMojo apart from other Wikis more than anything is its basic structure. Every page in MojoMojo can have a set of pages below it. In turn those pages can have sets of pages under them as well. This means MojoMojo supports a tree structure of pages, just like a directory structure on a hard drive.

We also have a bunch of features you won't find in every wiki, like an attachment system that automatically makes a web gallery of your photos, live AJAX previews as you are editing your text, and a proper full text search engine built straight into the software

mojomojo. MojoMojo is written in the "Catalyst":http://catalyst.perl.org/ framework. It's 100% SQL driven, thanks to the "DBIx::Class":http://search.cpan.org/dist/DBIx-Class ORM. This allows MojoMojo its rich feature set without sacrificing performance and scalability.

TheThanks codeto runningWikipedia, MojoMojomost ispeople Opentoday Source,have underheard theof ArtisticWikis. LicenseDepending on your definition, justMojoMojo likemight Perlbe a Wiki. EvenIt thoughcertainly themakes projectit waseffortless startedto bycreate Marcusweb Rambergpages of text, and it hascan abe numberconfigured ofso contributorsthat fromanyone allcan overedit theany worldpage. TheIt projectcan hasalso beenbe runningconfigured sinceso 2005you have to register to edit a page, withor you can even disable registration. However, the firstthing publicthat releasesets toMojoMojo "CPAN":http://wwwapart from other Wikis more than anything is its basic structure.cpan.org/ Every page in theMojoMojo fallcan have a set of 2007pages below it. WeIn areturn currentlythose workingpages towardscan ahave 1.0sets release,of pages under them as well. asThis servingmeans theMojoMojo needssupports fora "thetree catalyststructure devof wiki":http://devpages, just like a directory structure on a hard drive.catalyst.perl.org/.

"SoWe thisalso allhave soundsa interesting",bunch youof say,features "butyou canwon't Ifind testin thisevery thing?wiki, Kicklike itsan tiresattachment andsystem seethat beyondautomatically themakes marketinga bullshit."web I'mgallery glad you asked. Being firm believers of eatingyour our own dog foodphotos, thislive siteAJAX ispreviews 100%as poweredyou byare MojoMojo.editing Feelyour freetext, to register and create a fewproper pages.full Ortext ifsearch youengine wantbuilt tostraight testinto itthe onsoftware. yourMojoMojo ownis server,written goin aheadthe andCatalyst "Download it":http://searchframework.cpan.org/dist/MojoMojo/ fromIt's CPAN.100% YouSQL mightdriven, wantthanks to read the "InstallationDBIx::Class Instructions":http://searchORM.cpan.org/dist/MojoMojo/lib/MojoMojo/Installation.pod, butThis itallows shouldMojoMojo beits quiterich manageablefeature toset getwithout itsacrificing upperformance and runningscalability.

h1The code running MojoMojo is Open Source, under the Artistic License, just like Perl. CommunityEven though the project was started by Marcus Ramberg, it has a number of contributors from all over the world. The project has been running since 2005, with the first public release to CPAN in the fall of 2007. We are currently working towards a 1.0 release, as well as serving the needs for the catalyst dev wiki.

If"So youthis needall helpsounds interesting", you say, join"but ourcan IRCI channeltest "#mojomojo":http://widgetthis thing? Kick its tires and see beyond the marketing bullshit." I'm glad you asked.mibbit.com/?server=irc.perl.org&channel= Being firm believers of eating our own dog food, this site is 100%23mojomojo onpowered ircby MojoMojo.perl Feel free to register and create a few pages.org Or if you want to test it on your own server, orgo checkahead outand Download it from CPAN. You might want to read the "mailingInstallation list":http://n2Instructions, but it should be quite manageable to get it up and running.nabble.com/mojomojo-f2358427.html.


If you need help, join our IRC channel #mojomojo on irc.perl.org, or check out the mailing list.