What exactly does the organization do or plan to do?
Develop, promote and share the knowledge and practice of Abada Capoeira in Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland, to enrich the lives of people of different socio-economic backgrounds, age groups and cultural affiliations.

How do the activities help achieve the organization’s stated purposes?
Through workshops, shows and exhibitions and other social events, Abada Capoeira Vancouver raises public awareness and invokes interest in the art of Capoeira. Regular scheduled classes promote individual growth in a safe environment [not sure about classes belonging to the association, to discuss]. Workshops with foreign guests help to develop the art of Capoeira and promote international ties.

Where will the organization carry out its activities?
Public and private spaces in Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland BC, including Community Centres, Parks and Beaches.

Will the organization carry out its activities itself (through employees or volunteers) or use an intermediary to carry out its activities?
Abada Capoeira Vancouver will carry its activities mainly through its members and other volunteers, but will temporarily engage relevant high profile Capoeira figures (masters, instructors) from all over the world for local initiatives (workshops, exhibitions, etc.)

How many employees and/or volunteers does the organization have or hope to have? Does the organization have the capacity to carry out its activities?
The Abada Capoeira Vancouver association will have the capacity to carry its activities thanks to a good number of practitioners in Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland. This group includes current and past students, their friends and families. The Abada Capoeira Vancouver association can count also on a dense network of Capoeira practitioners around the world.

Who benefits from the organization’s activities and how are the beneficiaries selected?
People from all walks of life,and age demographics benefit from experiencing and discovering this truly unique and multifaceted art form. Capoeira is a communal activity, which promotes social interaction, active lifestyle, and helps develop important social skills, along with focus and determination in a safe environment. The association might take part in charitable events so that various charities can benefit from its performances (e.g. Canada Day, Gratitude week,...) [not sure about the association helping other charities, to discuss]

What fees, if any, will the organization charge its clients?
Fees for lessons that take place in Community Centres are charged according to a suggested session cost by the Community Centres [again, not sure about classes being organized by the association, to discuss] Fees for commercial performances are negotiated on a case to case basis. Money earned by the group goes towards developing the group further, for instance toward the organization of technical workshops, where relevant guests are invited as speakers/trainers.

How does the organization intend to raise funds?
Performances, workshops, ruffles, social events (cinema screening, dinner parties) and donations (individual or from corporate sponsors). Abada Capoeira Vancouver performs at weddings and other special events. Money from donations and workshops (e.g. Samba or Maculele workshope) will go towards the organization's fund. [not sure if this question is relevant only for charities, which are a specific typology of not-for-profit organizations, with special fiscal rules that do not apply to our association, to discuss]