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Selecting a wiki software - three reasons to use MojoMojo

Wiki software abounds in this day and age. Indeed, the choice is so comprehensive that it lead to the need for a specialized wiki comparison site and funny jokes. At the time of this writing, WikiMatrix lists no less that 120 wikis, and Wikipedia lists over a hundred as well.

For those who would prefer a Perl solution, the choice is somewhat narrowed down to three big contenders: FosWiki (the offspring of TWiki), SocialText (proprietary, with an aborted open-source attempt), and the new cool kid, Catalyst-powered MojoMojo.

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But even if one is not a Perl aficionado, MojoMojo combines some interesting featured which make up for a unique package. This article will describe the top three reasons to use MojoMojo, whether you're a Perl monk or not.

Live, as you type, preview funny jokes for kids

WYSIWYG browser-based editors have come a long way, but still, they somehow always manage to mess up or clutter your markup. Also, for anything more complex than a nested list, sometimes you just want to get down to the bare code and say exactly what you mean. On the other hand, the cycle of edit-hit preview-doesn't look right-scroll to where I was-edit again-repeat, is tiresome. If you edit any Wikipedia page containing tables, you'll see that right away. In fact, to quote a usability study on Wikipedia,

The vast majority of users pulled up another instance of the Wikipedia page they were editing in order to see what it "really" looked like. Provide users a live preview of what the page looks like as the user edits it.

MojoMojo combines the best of both worlds - it lets you enter your markup, and previews it instantly in an opposite pane, as you type.

MojoMojo wiki editing live preview

Hierarchical page structure and folksonomical tags as well

Ever hit a Wikipedia disambiguation page? Such pages exist because one concept means more things. Paris can be a city in France, in Texas, a Greek god, or a genus of plants. MojoMojo avoids the problem of disambiguation pages by organizing content hierarchically:

Tree hierarchy Flat structure
/geography/europe/france/paris Paris
/geography/usa/texas/paris Paris, Texas
/mythology/greek/paris Paris (mythology)
/botany/paris Paris (genus)

At the same time, MojoMojo is aware that content cannot always be categorized in strict tree-like directories of concepts. As Professor Michael Wesch points out in his video Information R/evolution, "ontology is overrated". Thus, you can tag your pages and let a folksonomy emerge from all the tags that other editors add.

Extensive permissions

MojoMojo has one of the most flexible and capable authorization layers of any wiki software, allowing control over both editing and viewing. This is an important feature of any wiki and lets an administrator control who can see and who can edit everything.

MojoMojo permissions

In closing, other features

If this hasn't convinced you, would a cup of coffee? While MojoMojo doesn't make it (yet), it has some other notable features:

  • Choose your markup language: MultiMarkdown, Textile2, POD, or if nothing cuts it, (scrubbed) HTML
  • Built-in full text search, with external search option
  • Easy RSS feeds
  • Support for attachments, with photo gallery for image attachments
  • Diffs, revision control and edit conflict resolution via 3-way merge
  • User registration control and CAPTCHA anti-spam measures
  • Localization (currently translated into French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Catalan, Polish) and full Unicode support
  • Doesn't need a web server - Catalyst has its own, and Catalyst::Engine::HTTP::Prefork is highly efficient
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