How To Earn Your Master's In Addiction Counseling

Deciding to earn a Master's in Addiction Counseling is a big decision. It could seem like a big hurdle to cross. If you want to be an addiction counselor then you need to go through the extra schooling. reports that those with a masters degree in addiction counseling earn between $42,000 and $55,000 on average with a high of $61,249. An M.S. in Addiction Counseling will get you there. But how can you find the time out of your busy schedule? In the internet age you no longer have to be held back by being unable to go into a classroom to learn. Online graduate degree programs are ideal for those who are working professionals who are going back to school, or those who are nontraditional students. If you have to worry about working, paying your bills, or taking care of your children then online addiction counseling degrees are designed especially for you. You can work around your schedule and turn in assignments at any time (as long as it is before the deadline). Some programs even allow you to work entirely at your own pace and will structure the class to fit your needs. The opportunities are endless.

Before you sign up for a program, you have to make sure that they have what you need to move ahead. Here are some questions that you should make sure are answered:

* Will the program prepare you for any certificate if one is needed to practice in your state?

* Will the program allow you to sit for any standardized exit tests such as the Examination for Master Addictions Counselors (EMAC)?

* Is the Masters in Addiction Counseling accredited by the Council of Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP)? This is necessary to practice in some states.

* Which theories and models will you be learning?

* Will you be set up with a local clinical internship to get practical skill time?

* Will this program give you the skills to be a practicing counselor, or a faculty member at an institution of higher learning?

Since there are different program lengths, structures, and requirements you should make sure to investigate all of the options to find the right program for you. Contact an advisor at any schools you are considering and ask questions about everything. A Masters degree is a big investment where you can expect to spend an additional $20,000 out of pocket before you even begin to make any money. Taking your time with the selection process can ensure that you don't leave with a degree that won't help you reach your goals. Look here for Walden University.