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to Survive in the Wilderness

PutBefore whatevergoing to the trails of the Great Smoky Mountains, make sure you likehave hereall you need. With lots of things that is very important to remember, the following are the 5 thing you can’t hike without, regardless of your Android GPS App for Hiking? experience. Bring them and go safely!

  1. Proper hiking boots With having the proper hiking boots, for sure your entire trip will be a very bad experience. If you are going with short, day hikes without a backpack, use lighter weight shoes. However, if you are going with long week trips, consider stiffer, mid-weight boots. If you are planning to go hiking with a heavy pack, use a heavyweight boot with the most support. You must consider waterproofing and insulation no matter what kind of boots you are going with.

  2. Water You must know that in survival cases, water is more important than the food. People can survive for days or weeks with only water taking in. No matter what kind of hike you are planning, your body needs water for the whole trip. Staying hydrated will ensure comfort, good health and you will be able to complete your planned trail. Think carefully of how much water you need to bring with you as it relates to your body, the trail and the length of your hike. It is best to consult your doctor before going for a trip.

  3. First Aid Kit First aid kits are your life saver in the wilderness. It is very important to bring aspirin, bandages, antiseptic, antihistamine, sunblock, iodine tablets, insect repellent, gauze and a duct tape. Ask any expert outdoorsmen to ensure that you have everything you need and is prepared when something bad happens in the woods.

  4. Rain gear/jacket When going outdoor activity, don’t forget to bring jacket. While it may be warm in the day when start hiking, expect that it will be colder during the night. If it rains, you will want shield. Depending on your hiking route, you may only need plastic emergency poncho. Bringing a jacket is a great help for any hiker or adventurer anyone heading out into the woods.

  5. Backpack Of course, you will need something to carry everything, right? Even if you are planning to take just a short trail, you'll be bringing at least water, first aid gear and a jacket, so a small waterproof bag will work fine. If you are going with longer days of hiking, you may want to consult salespeople at your local outdoor gear store as to how much stuff you will be taking with and what’s the best way to pack it. You must stick to internal frame backpacks-modern technology as they ensure that these new frames direct the weight at your hips, where you should carry most of it.

Rule of the thumb; never go into the wilderness unprepared. Expect the unexpected, no matter how much planning you do. You must start with these important things and expand to be sure that you have the best and safest trip possible.