How To Use a VIN Decoder

As simple it is to buy a new car, equally difficult it is to buy a new one, with total confidence. A used car, although is a good way to save money and go easy on your pocket, it is much more difficult in this case to get a good deal and avoid getting scammed at the same time. When somebody sells something, be it a car or a mobile phone, it is quite possible that there is a problematic reason behind it and with a commodity like a car, it’s very difficult to check all the possible issues that can be there in a used one.

The present owner might be hiding things or maybe there are internal details that like low gas or maintenance mileage, that don't become visible till you have used the vehicle for some time. Even bigger threats include the car being used in the past for a crime, or the car being used for unintended purpose like for taxi or lease. There have been cases also, where the seller wasn't even the actual owner of the car leading to disputes later with the actual owner. So what is the way out? How to make sure you are getting what you are buying?

Enter car VIN or Vehicle Identification Number technology. VINs were introduced in 1954 by automotive industry which later became the ISO3833 standard. A VIN number consist of an alphanumeric string that contains information such as World Manufacturer ID, Make, Model, Year of manufacturing of the vehicle, Vehicle attributes, unique identifiers etc. A quick VIN # lookup against public databases can be used to get the pin point information about a car before purchasing. A VIN number is decodable using a VIN decoder. There are plenty of free and paid VIN decoders available in the market and on the Internet that can be used to extract out information from a VIN number. However, the information is usually quite plain and is of very limited use for a general person. Performing a VIN decode is not sufficient. Once the basic information is obtained it is prudent to gain more information about the vehicle using the details.

This is where professional VIN Decode Report providers step in. These service provider provide comprehensive reports based on the VIN # lookup and decoding that can include details like Major Accident, Mileage Rollback, Multiple Owners, Structural damage history, Lease, Personal, Taxi or Police Use, Rebuilt, Mileage Rollover, Junked, State Owned, Length of Ownership, Estimated Miles Driven Per Year, Airbag Deployment and Warranty Information. These reports are available at quite reasonable prices and the peace of mind achieved using them is something you cannot really put a price tag on. The only thing one need to keep in mind is choosing a report provider wisely and rest is simpler than counting 1 to 10. Hence, it is always advisable to use the VIN number decoding to your advantage while making up mind for buying a used car and invest in a secure, safe manner with peace of mind at your side. This website is an excellent resource for information about VIN decoder by Carfax.

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