Homecoming 2013 Ideas
# **Homecoming 2013 Ideas**
From Shelley (10/12)
OK spinning off of your ideas from this afternoon regarding the downtown biz Homecoming Window comp for next year.
I really like the downtown prep rally idea the weekend prior to kick off the window contest and ask teams to get started on the windows.
-marching bands both MS and HS
- Sports teams, clubs, drama etc show off their stuff
What about... the Hair salons could have a cutting contest, or do up tiger do's - Maybe that is the contest the Salon with the Best Tiger Do. We could even give them a plaque that says best tiger do 2013.
Maybe a Tiger Apparel fashion show and ask the High School to promote selling tiger apparel here that weekend.
Maybe an antique tiger (brin in your tiger antiques to display or sell)
Christine from Messes and Masterpieces - and Art thing
Show off the inductees to the New Richmond Hall of Fame
Have some kind of signing from famous NR people
Nate could do some photo thing
Face painting, Fake tatoo's
Maybe something with the little kiddos
Just make it a really fun Pre-Homecoming event and push all the business avenues
Maybe we could also do a conservation effort with the MN Zoo have them come out and do a promotion to save the Tigers http://www.mnzoo.org/conservation/conservation_world_ChinaTiger.asp OR the Wisc Big Sanctuary http://www.wisconsinbigcats.org/
Your thoughts - and any other ideas?