MojoMojo has been under development for a long time. It started its life as a Maypole app, and has since been ported to Catalyst. The ORM has also been changed from Class::DBI to DBIx::Class, which gave the Nested Set code a fair bit more elegance.

It's still a bit rough in the edges, but it has grown a fairly comprehensive test suite over the years. The controllers and models are fairly easy to follow, and thanks to TT, the templates are pretty clean too.

h2. Source Control

MojoMojo is being maintained in a "Git":http://git.or.cz/ repo, currently residing at:


h2. Contributing

To use github, follow the "first two Github tutorials":http://github.com/guides/home:

* "Configure your name and e-mail":http://github.com/guides/tell-git-your-user-name-and-email-address * "Provide your public SSH key":http://github.com/guides/providing-your-ssh-key

Clone the repository using "Your clone URL" (the Public one is read-only):

bc. git@github.com:marcusramberg/mojomojo.git

To have your username hyperlinked on the web interface, configure your git e-mail address to match the e-mail address you used to sign up for github.com:

bc. git config --global user.email "user@domain.com"

It's possible that if you add other email addresses via the Account or Profile, those will work too. Note that the matching is done by email address, not by username.

h2. Dependencies and testing

Mojomojo requires a lotnumber of dependencies, among which:

h2. Developers

MojoMojo has had quite a few developers over the years. Here's the current commit list from svn/git:

If you want to contribute, contact marcus to get added.

h2. Roadmap

MojoMojo is nearing a 1.0 release. See the Roadmap for more info.

h2. Development Discussion

h3. Moving and renaming?

h3. Implicit vs Explicit Wiki-links?

h3. Plugin invocation syntax

h2. Discussion.

For discussion mojomojo, or if you want to help out with development, please go to #mojomojo on irc.perl.org.