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MojoMojo has been under development for a long time. It started it's life as a Maypole app, and has since been ported to Catalyst. The ORM has also been changed from Class::DBI to DBIx::Class, which gave the Nested Set code a fair bit more elegance.

It's still a bit rough in the edges, but it has grown a fairly comprehensive test suite over the years. The controllers and models are fairly easy to follow, and thanks to TT, the templates are pretty clean too.

h2. Source Control

MojoMojo is being maintained in a "Subversion": repo, currently residing at:


h2. Developers

MojoMojo has had quite a few developers over the years. Here's the current commit list from svn:

If you want to contribute, you should probably contact marcus? to get added.

h2. Some Todos

  • Search is broken. Should probably be replaced with xapian or kinosearch.
  • We need a checkbox formatter. It should probably work on lists like

h2. Development Discussion

h3. Moving and renaming?

h3. Implicit vs Explicit Wiki-links?

h2. Discussion.

For now, we have mostly been discussing #mojomojo in #catalyst/#catalyst-dev on "":irc:// If there is interest, we can move it to #mojomojo on the same network.

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