h1. Add a New Language (Localization) to MojoMojo

h2. Overview

MojoMojo uses .po files to stores words, phrases and sentences of a language. For example, the base language file is en.po for English. The .po files are found in:


h2. Example

Let's say I want to add català as a language that MojoMojo supports. Here are the steps:

h3. Make Edits

For example:

msgid "Upload"
msgstr "Carregar"

h3. Enable the new Language

In order for the new language to show up as an option[1], one must ad the base name of the file (ca in this example) to the Template file:


h2. Footnotes

fn1. The language choices are currently at the botton of MojoMojo pages - February 18, 2009.