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h1. Add a New Language (Localization) to MojoMojo

h2. Overview

MojoMojo uses .po files to stores words, phrases and sentences of a language. For example, the base language file is en.po for English. The .po files are found in lib/MojoMojo/I18N/.

h2. Example

Let's say I want to add català as a language that MojoMojo supports. Here are the steps:

h3. Make Edits

  • Copy en.po to ca.po
  • Edit the ca.po by adding Catalan text on the msgstr line which is equivalent to the English text on the msgid line.

h3. Enable the new Language

In order for the new language to show up as an option[1], one must ad the base name of the file (ca in this example) to the Template file:


h2. Footnotes

fn1. The language choices are currently at the botton of MojoMojo pages - February 18, 2009.

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