Bounties for MojoMojo Development


Sometimes motivation in the form of incentives can be helpful to spur development. This page offers some bounties for developing certain desirable aspects of MojoMojo.

Report on Debian Distribution Entry Status - $50, two six-packs and a girltrip to amsterdam1.

Assess and Report What Remains to be done for entering debian distribution Sid and Squeeze.

Replace String::Diff w/ Algorithm::Diff or equivalent - $150

String::Diff is blocking debian distribution so let's replace it's functionality Algorithm::Diff or equivalent.

Note: Want maintain but improve view of inline diffs.

Delete a Page - $150

Build a delete a page feature that can be easily run by an admin user. e.g. create a link that an admin could click to delete the page currently view.


The delete a page functionality should work on the following three databases:

The feature must be able to clear all history of the page, and make sure the page doesn't show up in the search index.


There already exists a functional prototype. It works for database that don't enforce referential integrity such as SQLite. It needs refinement to work robustly with PostgreSQL or innodb / MySQL.

Move a Page Family - $275

Create the ability for an admin user to specify a page family to move and a new location where to put it. The idea being to choose the parent page you want and where you want to move it to. The move action would place the parent page and all it's children in the new location.


General Guideline

To claim a bounty the implementation must be approved by whoever put up the bounty.

  1. ok i can only provide the $. ↩