This provides an analysis of all modules required by MojoMojo and whether they can be found in Debian.

Core Modules

These modules come bundled with core; as a result, they're not problematic.


The following prerequisite modules are part of Debian in various packages:

Catalyst Modules

The following are Catalyst modules, which unfortunately come bundled together in Debian due to issues with ftp-master rejecting small packages.

In the latest version of libcatalyst-modules-perl (version 35, not yet uploaded), many deprecated modules have been removed. However, deprecated modules that build will remain in Debian until they break or become useless/irrelevant.

The following modules are part of libcatalyst-modules-perl:

Missing Modules

The following modules are currently missing in Debian (they do not have a corresponding package):

Blocking Upload

The only module currently blocking upload is String::Diff. As such, it's one of the proposed bounties.

Well, also, the Catalyst module bundles in Debian need to be uploaded; this should (hopefully) be done sometime this weekend (weekend of 6 November 2009), however, due to the sheer size of these bundles, it takes quite a long time to get someone brave enough and with enough time to review them. Unfortunately, due to this, they've been sitting in the queue for a rather long time.