Critiquing Makeover


Draws attention away from content

The new colors are pretty, but I feel the new style uses the colors to highlight non-content specifics. One of the things I've like about the classic them is that it is very clean and emphasize the textual content, i.e. what people write.

Create, Edit and Info Page stand out too much for me. An I'm not sure they are in the best location. Being right next to the title of the page. My personal preference is along the lines of Tufte and the maximum data-ink principle where the data is the content. I want the content to stand out, not all the links and options available from the page.


If white is used for links (not my favorite choice), it probably shouldn't be used for text that doesn't link like the title (In the master this problem exists on a smaller scale where breadcrumbs are white and linked while title is white and not linked.

The new makeover moves links from the top to the left and so now the content has a bit more clutter around IMHO.


I do like the header that spans the full page, and includes a search box. I would consider merging the title with breadcrumbs since the title might/should be a part of the breadcrumb. The dislike I have with the new header is that before a MojoMojo page was the same width top to bottom which coupled the parts together tightly. It's visual flow felt less clunky.



The edit area size was reduced in makeover and now seems considerably smaller than I personally find ideal.

The preview is no longer allowed to flow down the page and simulate more closely to the real look. I find hiding content in the textarea sub-optimal. What I had before, allowing the preview to grow indefinitely in the vertical direction, coupled with an edit area that moves down along with the preview would allow one to make edits and see preview of them instantly. Having to fuck around with clicking into a textarea and scrolldown defeats the purpose of preview on any pages of size (mateu wonders if he's the only one using mm for writing articles longer than a screen's length).

There needs to be an edit link at the bottom of pages. It was there before makeover but got pulled. Again this is so that longer pages can be edited directly after reading them at the bottom.