h1. Critiquing Makeover

h2. Colors

h3. Draws attention away from content

The new colors are pretty, but I feel the new style uses the colors to highlight non-content specifics. One of the things I've like about the classic them is that it is very clean and emphasize the textual content, i.e. what people write.

=commentsbc. Yo dawg, I heard you like colors, so I added a lot of colors to your page! I think one of the things this new layout does better than the previous version is actually making the content stand more out. It might not be as visible on the Nordaaker theme as it is on the default blue one, but the colors are actually the same as the current ones.

bc. I disagree with them standing out too much, I think it pretty much (outside the content) is the most important objects on the page. I will look into different positions for them though. - arne

h3. Links

bc. I think using links as white is fine as long as all whites are links. I also believe it is pretty well recognized in the sidebar links. Keep in mind you can make your own theme that changes the layout of the page, so you could put the sidebar on top. - arne

h3. Header/Banner

I do like the header that spans the full page, and includes a search box. I would consider merging the title with breadcrumbs since the title might/should be a part of the breadcrumb. The dislike I have with the new header is that before a mojomojo page was the same width top to bottom which coupled the parts together tightly. It's visual flow felt less clunky.

bc. I very much agree with that and have updated both themes to reflect this. -arne

h2. Edit

h3. Size

bc. There should be an exception for this that allows the edit page to be wider. I find making the #content wider than that will severely affect the readability of the site. -arne

bc. This will be updated with javascript at some point. The javascript that Marcus and I fiddled around with yesterday will scroll the preview area to where you are editing. -arne

bc. Agreed, will look into this as well. -arne