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h1. Install MojoMojo Shipwright Vessel

h2. Installation Outline

Given a MojoMojo distribution file[1] named mojomojo_vessel.tar.gz that extracts to MojoMojo/:

h3. Extract the files to a desired location:

cp mojomojo_vessel.tar.gz /var/www
cd /var/www/
tar xfvz mojomojo_vessel.tar.gz

h3. Make the shell environment aware of the MojoMojo distribution

h4. Single Terminal

To make the current shell (terminal) aware of the MojoMojo distribution do:

cd MojoMojo
source tools/shipwright-source-bash /absolute/path/to/MojoMojo

h4. All Terminals

To have any terminal aware of the MojoMojo distribution, put the above source line into the .bashrc file.

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