Revision 3 - 2008-05-16 at 07:16:55

h2. 1.0

  • Migrate to KinoSearch
  • Make navigation in edit javascript based (Switch between panes)
  • Fix gallery/attachments * Fix gallery navigation to limit to gallery. Make relationship between attachments/gallery more logical * Improve gallery page embedding
  • Preferences: Choose main formatter for site/disable implicit links
  • Migrate all forms to formfu (LTJake)
  • Fix all outstanding bugs?

h2. 1.1

  • Switch JavaScript to jquery
  • Use SWFUpload for multi-file upload
  • Recent children by tag formatter
  • TOC Generator
  • Move pages (Create new page + Redirect formatter)
  • Support Openid & OAuth
  • Inline Login

h2. Your wishes

Please add any features you would like here to get them into the Roadmap

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