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Using a Non-HEAD Version of MojoMojo


For whatever reason1, one may want to run a version of MojoMojo from the github repository that is not the latest2. Let's briefly outline the process

Download the Desired Version

In my case I browsed the commit history and found one I was good with. I then clicked on the commit link and selected the download link highlighted in red below:

The download was full version of MojoMojo up through the commit I had chosen. I then installed this as normal MojoMojo distribution.

  1. Recently a merge on master branch (trunk) in development caused some features to become unstable in HEAD. Unwisely, I updated a production wiki to HEAD. After checking to see if there was an easy fix, I decided not right now but needed an operational revision of MM for the production wiki. Therefore I wanted to use a version of MojoMojo that has older than HEAD while also being newer than latest CPAN release. ↩

  2. Latest Development version of MojoMojo ↩

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