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MojoMojo Documentation

Welcome to the MojoMojo documentation. As this MojoMojo is a wiki, feel absolutely free to contribute and improve the documentation.


MojoMojo can be installed from CPAN, OS packages, or from GitHub. See Installation for details.

Cheatsheet very funny jokes

Wiki syntax Cheatsheet.


How to deploy MojoMojo.


Configuring MojoMojo.

FAQ funny marriage sayings

How does MojoMojo compare with other popular Perl-based Wikis/CMSes?

Mostly favorably:

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What about other Wikis?

  • Confluence not F/OSS, very expensive, quirky, poor usability
  • MediaWiki PHP based, well maintained but code base is getting hairy
  • DokuWiki very basic

Questions From Random Visitors

  • Q: How do I add a new page? It is not immediately sodirts obvious how that's done when viewing a page.
    A: edit the page that will link to the new page, and include the name of the new page between double square brackets: [[newpage]].
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