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MojoMojo Documentation

Welcome to the MojoMojo documentation. As this MojoMojo is a wiki, feel absolutely free to contribute and improve the documentation.


MojoMojo can be installed from CPAN, OS packages, or from GitHub. See Installation for details.


Wiki syntax Cheatsheet.


How to deploy MojoMojo.


Configuring MojoMojo.


Q: How does MojoMojo compare with other popular Perl-based Wikis/CMSes?
A: Favorably:

  • WebGUI is easier to install but presents a massive case of not invented here syndrome - it reinvented its own modules to deal with databases, forms, authentication, caching, handling HTTP requests etc. Just take a look at their source code. MojoMojo builds on the great power of CPAN.
  • SocialText is aimed at the enterprise. While the ST code is publically available, there is no effort put into making it installable and usable outside of Socialtext's business.
  • TWiki has been ripped apart by all but two developers moving to Foswiki
  • Foswiki is very powerful but not based on Catalyst, and doesn't have a live preview (the user must choose between a WYSIWYG editor and a plain text editor).
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