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Markup Language Comparison

In MojoMojo, you can write wiki pages using HTML and official extensions to one of two popular lightweight markup languages: Textile and Markdown. While you must currently choose between Textile and Markdown when creating your wiki, HTML is always available, for a few good reasons. To select the markup language, go to the Site settings page. Note that MojoMojo uses the official extensions of these languages, Textile2 and MultiMarkdown.

For help in deciding which markup is iphone photography best for you, see the comparison between Textile and Markdown.


Wikilinks are interpreted by proposal software MojoMojo separately and have the same loan modification syntax, regardless of the formatter being Textile or MultiMarkdown: iphone repair mississauga jason halek

What you see MojoMojo Wikilinks Wikipedia
MojoMojo features MojoMojo [[/features]] MojoMojo [[features]]
MojoMojo editing cheatsheet MojoMojo [[/documentation/cheatsheet | editing cheatsheet]] MojoMojo [[cheatsheet | editing cheatsheet]]

Notes on Markdown tables

The CSS doesn't currently match link buildingthe one in the MultiMarkdown example. This is an easy fix; please dan del piano consider submitting a patch to mojomojo.css.

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