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h1. MojoMojo Cheatsheet

h2. Choosing between Textile2 and MultiMarkDown

Textile2 can't render blockquotes in lists because the "bq." block signature requires being surrounded by blank lines, and blank lines break lists.


bq. Avoid problems, and you'll never be the one who overcame them. -- Richard Bach


bq. There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.

"Markdown's documentation": explicitly tells how to "put a blockquote within a list item".

Generally, Markdown is more powerful, and Textile is simpler. The most common differences between them are:

  • link syntax * Textile: "Link text": * Markdown: [Link text](
  • emphasis * Textile: *bold, _italic_ * Markdown: *italic ('em'), *bold* ('strong')
  • Markdown has no syntax for "definition lists":
  • backslash-escaping: Textile can't escape characters (you have to use their HTML code, e.g. @*@ for a '*'. In Markdown, you just write *
  • auto-hyperlinking: * Textile automatically hyperlinks URLs * Markdown: you need to enclose the URL in angle brackets: <>

h2. Cheatsheet

What you see MojoMojo "MultiMarkdown": MojoMojo Textile "Wikipedia":
MojoMojo features MojoMojo [[/features]] MojoMojo [[features]]
MojoMojo editing cheatsheet MojoMojo [[/documentation/cheatsheet | editing cheatsheet]] MojoMojo [[cheatsheet | editing cheatsheet]]

h2. Table headers (broken at the moment)

Example copied from the "MultiMarkdown syntax guide":

Prototype table
First Header Second Header Third Header
Content Long Cell
Content Cell Cell
New section More Data
And more And more
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