MojoMojo on Debian 6 Squeeze

1. Installation from Debian package repositories

    aptitude update
    aptitude -y install libmojomojo-perl

2. Configuration (optional)

You can now edit the default configuration file mojomojo.conf or, better, create a local configuration file mojomojo_local.conf that won't be erased by upgrades. Since MojoMojo is a Catalyst application, it conforms to the naming convention for such configuration files and settings you add to mojomojo_local.conf will override those in mojomojo.conf. Both files must be located in /usr/share/perl5/MojoMojo/. To point MojoMojo to an arbitrary configuration file, set


3. Database creation

Before running MojoMojo the first time, we need to create database. By default, mojomojo.db is created in the current working directory.

4. Running MojoMojo

The web server must be started from the database directory. You should be able to log into your wiki with the following user/password : admin/admin.
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