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=head1 MojoMojo Preferences

MojoMojo has a number of things that can be set in the preference system, some that are accessible via the admin interface, others that need to be set directly in the database:

=head1 main_formatter

This chooses which formatter is to be used as the main text formatter. The two options so far is 'MojoMojo::Formatter::Textile' and 'MojoMojo::Formatter::Markdown'.

=head2 open_registration

This option allows you to control whether user registration is available or not.

=head2 anonymous_user

If set, users are allowed to post anonymously, and the edit will be shown with the username set in this option.

=head2 restricted_user

If set, to a true value, normal users are restricted to editing pages inside their user space. Admin users can edit the entire site.

=head2 entropy

Random string used to generate secret keys for mail verification and such.

=head2 disable_search

Set this to a true value to disable the internal search function. Will fall back to try site search using google.

=head2 default_lang

Set default language for internationalization. Currently supported values are "no" for norwegian and "en" for english. will default to english.



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