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MojoMojo Preferences

MojoMojo has a number of things that can be set in the preference system, some that are accessible via the admin interface, others that need to be set directly in the database:


This chooses which formatter is to be used as the main text formatter. The two options so far is 'MojoMojo::Formatter::Textile' and 'MojoMojo::Formatter::Markdown'.


This option allows you to control whether user registration is available or not.


If set, users are allowed to post anonymously, and the edit will be shown with the username set in this option.


If set, to a true value, normal users are restricted to editing pages inside their user space. Admin users can edit the entire site.


Random string used to generate secret keys for mail verification and such.


Set this to a true value to disable the internal search function. Will fall back to try site search using google.


Set default language for internationalization. Currently supported values are "no" for norwegian and "en" for english. will default to english.


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