/dvjc/notes philippi



  1. [ 1] where is Philipi?

  2. [ 7] Paul is sharing his grace

    • Grace isn't just administered individually but can be given?
    • Or is it that others can take of the grace God has given?
  3. [ 8] "bowels of Jesus Christ" - weird/interesting metaphor

  4. [12] Was clearly known what he had gone through

    • Nice reminder that trials come to all, more to the righteous
  5. [13] "my bonds in Christ are manifest in all the palace"

    • Reference to the heavenly castle / kingdom?
    • Interesting that it is known "in all other places"
    • Is this tied to spiritual warfare in some way?
  6. [15] What does it mean to preach Christ of things?

    • "preach ... of envy and strife" / "preach of good will"
    • Perhaps to describe the motivation of the preacher?
  7. [18] Regardless why it is being preached, note ...

    • Christ is being preached! rejoice for that!
    • Also a reminder how important it is to plan our emotional responses
  8. [21] "For to me to live is Christ"

    • That makes no sense ... how can something "be Christ" ?
  9. [25] Also a nice reminder,

    • Sometimes we undergo experiences for others and NOT ourselves
    • Here Paul seems to indicate he isn't doing what he wants
    • Because it works toward the "futherance and joy of faith"
  10. [27] Interesting - everything before here is "here is why i'm an authority"

    • Now he offers councel
    • Amazing how being of one accord, in one spirit with one mind, are important
  11. [28] We should "in nothing be terrified by ... adversaries"

    • And how, even that, is "evident token of perdition"
    • And is, for us, evident token of salvation of God