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h1. MojoMojo Features

h2. "Pluggable wiki syntax":

h2. Tree-based node structure

h2. Revision control

h3. Diff

line-diff and inline-diff

h3. Rollback

And roll forward

h2. Attachments

h3. Uploading

h3. Maintaining

h3. Using in pages

h2. Gallery

Gallery needs to be fixed properly first.

h2. Editing content

h3. Automatic preview

h3. Toolbar

h3. Syntax

h3. Change highlighting

h2. Tags

h3. Setting tags

h3. Finding by tags

h2. Searching

MojoMojo searching is currently broken

h2. RSS Feeds

h3. Per page

h3. Recent

h3. By tag

h2. Export

Can export content at any tree-level as html or raw wiki-format. Import support is planned.

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