Internet Media: Cybercrime

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Spam, or the unsolicited sending out of junk e-mails for commercial purposes, which is unlawful.


Computer fraud refers to the fallacious misrepresentation of fact conveyed with an intention of inducing another to do or refrain from doing something that will ultimately lead to some major kind monetarial loss.

Obscene or Offensive Content

The contents of some of the websites and other electronic communications over the net can be really distasteful, obscene or offensive for a variety of reasons. In many countries such communications are considered illegal. It can be very troubling if your children are exposed to adult content.


This cyber crime encompasses all the obscenities and derogatory comments directed towards a specific individual or individuals focusing for example on gender, race, religion, nationality, and sexual orientation. Harassment is the cybercrime most commonly encountered in chat rooms or through newsgroups.

Drug Trafficking

Drug traffickers use the Internet as a medium for trading their illegal substances by sending out enciphered e-mail and other Internet Technology. Most of the drug traffickers can be found arranging their illegal deals at internet cafes, using courier websites for the delivery of illegal packages containing drugs, and sharing formulas for amphetamines in restricted-access chat rooms.

Cyber Terrorism

Due to the increase in cyber terrorism, the hacking into official websites or the crashing of official websites, government officials and Information Technology security specialists have recently begun a significant increase their mapping of potential security holes in critical systems in order to better protect information sensitive sites.

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