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The International Registry of Mobile Assets provides a means to establish the priority of interests in airframes, aircraft engines and helicopters. The International Registry permits individuals and organisations to register financial interests in assets using the following information:
Manufacturer's name Model Designator Manufacturer's serial number Its role is to electronically record international interests in aircraft objects, for the purpose of establishing the priority of those interests. The Registry operates under the legal framework of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol adopted on the 16th of November 2001 at Cape Town, which provides for the registration and protection of International Interests that are recognised by all ratifying states, with priority being determined on a First-to-File basis. Registration of interests in existing assets serves as a notification mechanism to the User community and is considered to be best practice for owners/agents to protect their financial interest in an asset. For a full description of the legal protections provided by the Convention, please refer to the text of the Cape Town Convention and the Aircraft Protocol.

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