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**WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I APPLY?** **WHAT IS A CEA (CONFIRMATION OF ENTITLEMENT TO ACT) FORM?** There are three options when applying for an account on the Registry. These are: A CEA form allows an Administrator to confirm that he/she has been authorised to act as Administrator for an Entity. It must be signed by an officer or senior manager of the Entity in question. The form also notes the Back-Up Contact who has been appointed by the Entity. This form is designed to satisfy Section 4.1 (b) of the Regulations. This form cannot be signed by the Administrator applicant and must not be altered. 2.A. Apply to become an Administrator of a New Registry User Entity 2.B Apply to become an Administrator of an Existing Registry User Entity 2.C. Apply to become a User of an Existing Registry User Entity Acting Jointly: If several Entities or natural persons are applying jointly they must indicate this using the words 'Acting Jointly' on the CEA form which should be signed by all parties. The TUE created in such a case will always be representing all of the parties who are originally named and who provide authorization for the Administrator. It is a joint account and cannot be split or subtracted from in the future. Changing the name of such an Entity does not revoke the authorizations given to the Administrator to act for all the parties originally named.
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