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h1. Known Mojomojo installations

h2. Public wikis (everyone can read)

h3. Perl-related

  • "Catalyst Framework Wiki":
  • "Nordaaker Wiki":
  • "Enlightened Perl Organization": (prototype)
  • "Oslo Perl Mongers":
  • "Japan Perl Association": - showcases Unicode usage

Coming soon: the "nginx wiki":

h3. Small organizations

  • "The Red Hair Temperament": - a Norwegian band. Good example of styling MojoMojo
  • "Cassy-Nautic Website": - made with fckeditor branch

h3. Personal wikis

  • "Dan Dascalescu's wiki": - P90X FAQ, hardware and software reviews, philosophy, humor, blog

h2. Restricted wikis (members can read)

  • "Italian Perl Workshop organization":

h3. Are you using MojoMojo? Please add your installation to the list above.

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