Business Surveillance Systems: How To Make Sure You Get The Right One

There are many reasons to buy business security cameras and deciding why you need security cameras for business will guide your purchasing decision. The advantages to business surveillance systems include:

  • Video Evidence for Legal Purposes

  • Insurance Claim Support

  • Deterrent for Wrongdoing

  • Aid for Alarm System

Cameras can be set up both outside a building and in certain areas inside for a number of reasons. Outside cameras deter unlawful entry but, if entry is gained, provide quality images in very low light. These systems include protection from the elements with all weather casings. Interior cameras encourage employee honesty around assets and cash, and also provide protection against unlawful entry after close of business. These business surveillance systems can be integrated into a business network or configured so that live video via the Internet can be accessed remotely. Closed circuit television monitors allow operators to change camera angles remotely.

The types of security cameras available include a bullet, dome, outdoor, day/night, infrared, varifocal, network, wireless, discreet (does not look like a camera) and high definition.

There are pitfalls to relying on a security camera solely for a business surveillance system:

  • Complacency

  • Inability to Stop Robberies or Wrongdoing in Progress

  • Not Always Useful in Law Enforcement Investigations

A security camera in and of itself is not a complete business security system as it does not provide environmental hazard protection or electronic access panels.

While a security camera can record robberies or crimes in progress, it is not designed as an alarm system for notification that law enforcement is needed. Thieves are well aware of security cameras on premises and take care to disguise their identity, so security camera footage is not always useful in law enforcement investigations.

Security cameras come in a broad price range but expect to pay around $400 for a quality system that arrives pre-assembled and ready to install with plug-and-play capability. Security companies provide a higher quality camera system than box stores or online retailers. Purchasing the right security camera can be challenging but the safety and security it provides is worth the endeavor. Check out

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