How To Get a Doctorate Of Business Management Online

Just last week, I finally completed my doctor of business administration. I have worked on this degree very hard and it was also a degree that I had been wanting for over 20 years. I told myself for a long time that I wanted to obtain a DBA degree, but the option of using online schooling finally made getting a Ph.D business administration degree possible. In all, I am glad I chose online learning, especially due to the three reasons below.

First, attending an online DBA university ended up saving me money. I didn't have to pay travel costs. And I didn't have to quit my current full-time job just to attend school. Being able to work my full-time job while attending school has made a huge difference in my finances.

Second, by studying for my Doctor of Business Administration online, I was able to better fit my studies into my busy day-to-day life. I was able to keep my commitments to my work, as well as spend extra time with my family and friends. I didn't have to shuffle my entire schedule around just to accommodate an offline school. Online schooling gave me more control over my schedule.

Finally, I found that I ended up learning the material better with online learning. When I've attended class offline in the past, I found myself getting distracted fairly easily. I would sit in a classroom where it might be too noisy, too hot, too cold, or otherwise just not a pleasant environment to learn in. By learning from home, I was able to create the perfect environment for myself, and for my education. 

In all, I am quite glad that I selected online learning for my DBA degree. If you are interested in finding a DBA university, use the internet to search among the hundreds of DBA universities that are available. Once you know just what all your options are, you can start to research each program and determine which program will fit best for your budget, for your schedule, and for your education. Thanks to the internet, you now have the power to take your education to the next level. Check out

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