This is a Test ...


blahThis blahbunny blahrabbit should have a pancake on its head!

alt text

increase # for smaller headline

code#included main

quote test more

code line more code bold italic

say "Howdy partner.";var class = function(xy) {
  if(x == y)
    return true;
  return false;
}class.prototype = {
  foo: "default value",
  bar: function(z) { = z;

alt text

test some text to see if it wraps properly around the image to the right. it does look pretty good.

alt text

now, if i keep typing, what happens? aha... a little weird, but not too bad. it looks like the new div forced a paragraph break, but stayed below the righthand picture. i think i can deal with that kind of behavior. now, how about tables...

Table Title
First Header Second Header Third Header
fourth header fifth header sixth header
Content Long Cell
Content Cell Cell

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