Apple Butts

When you are faced with an apple bottom, the ass cheeks are very well defined, often in perfectly round shapes, where they each look like two volley balls! Your has to bend to it's contours. As it completely evident in the picture above, there are two whole ass cheeks defined very well on that butt. it's not overrun with fat, unlike a ghetto booty. The crack of the ass comes right off of the lower back, forms, remains deep so you can see the ass cheak perfectly separated, and each ass cheek can be grabbed individually. vidassThe apple bottom has no cellulite on it, it's round without a woman having to completely bend over. It's just ROUND, in every possible angle that you look at it! And to highlight the picture right, you can clearly see the UNDER part of the ass is not crowded up so you can clearly see the under part of the ass defined well, two nice perfect round ball shaped cheeks, and deep ass impressions going into the thighs! With apple bottoms, the ass is CLEARLY separated completely from the ass and the thighs. In some cases, you must look at the as straight on, like this shot, to see the complete separation, because a side view might not show you the full scope of ass, but the side view is VERY important, as it will show you the shape of the apple bottom, and how it can't be a droopy one!

Pictures and more at assmatrix dot com

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