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Exploring mojomojo

My experience with Mojomojo. I'm documenting it here for what it's worth. The installation is on Fedora 4.

I am fluent in Perl, fairly new to Catalyst (one app in production), and have never admined a wiki before.

First of all I discovered after starting the install that this particular box had a stale CPAN mirror. That might be the reason that I had to manually install:

Test::Base String::Diff SQL::Translator

Perhaps I should have re-run and make install once I fixed the mirror.

And, to clear a warning I installed shared-mime-info via yum. Not sure yet what this enables but it seems reasonable to have it anyhow.

Due to the stale mirror I also had to re-update Catalyst* and DBIx::Class.

I got an error: "Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails".

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