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h2. URLs

h3. All pages

Searchbox, logo, navigation, footer

h3. Public urls:

/ Should contain a list of talks, and list of conferences. maybe hot or top slides /login preferrably openid. Just ask for a url. point to and a couple of sample providers. first time, ask for a screenname /~$screenname My last talks, my used tags /talk/$talk generate a default talk slug based on the title clientside, and let the user override it. /talk/$talk/versions /talk/$talk/version/$id (numeric) - Show info for the given version of a talk /~$screenname/tag/$tag

/search?q=$ /tags Tag cloud /tag/$tag talks with this tag, ordered by upload time (optionally popularity) /t/$talk /recent.rss /~$screenname.rss /tag/$tag.rss

h3. Restricted urls:

/upload /edit /talk/$slug/new_version

h2. Model:

Tags - Need to support $name =~ s///g;

Talks - Slugs need to be restricted to s///g; - Need multiple versions Versions - Has all the info for the site - Copied from the previous version Authors - The person who held the talk

My tags:
Popular tags:
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