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Defang tests

To make sure Defang is enabled, the following should be a block of red text instead of an image:


Defang interferes with markup in various ways1.

One interference is with decoding the hex sequences for certain special characters in URLs:

Another interference is that Defang actually destroys certain types of links:

  • In the following example, (2008 is removed from the URL: California Proposition 8

  • in this example, the characters B588 following a { are lost: link (by chance, the link lands correctly thanks to the remote site ignoring the GUID)

  • %\d\d sequences are not read as % followed by two hex digits, but as % followed by 2 or more hex digits (or other characters even). This leads to corrupt Unicode characters:

YouTube links, once expanded (i.e. not in preview mode) are defanged too: embed src becomes `embed defang_src:

YouTube Video

  1. for example, it defangs the id attribute of footnotes (their a and li elements). ↩

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