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Shipment Report The shipment figure posted by Pam is calculated in an Excel sheet that is created by the following process:

Wait for MTMS invoices to be posted in the morning. Debra is currently responsiable for this. She performs the import and verifies the figures against the MTMS invoice registar. Trigger Repstar to do an update. This brings in the data to ARCOMT and determines various flags used to determine type of order, non commissionable reasons and much more. Execute T:\shipments.prg on Steve's computer. This will create an Excel sheet on the T: drive. Open the previous days Shipments Excel sheet and save as todays. Delete the shipment data from the sheet Copy the shipment data from sheet created by shipments.prg Save the sheet, close and reopen. Goto the first tab and activate the cell below the total. Save the sheet and email to Pam and Chris. I am starting to put the shipment total in the subject line of the email.

WTF is up with shipment numbers?

The following should help clear up the confussion between various shipment numbers. RepStar Shipments vs Quota Report was used for a period of time. This report understates the actual sales because it only includes commissonable sales and account managers setup with a quota. Excel Shipment Sheet is currently being used. This report under estimates sales by not including tax.

To Do Automate the process Need to know when Debra is done or have Pam responsiable to start the process. Create a program that will: Trigger COMM_UPDATE.PRG Trigger shipments.prg Automate the updating of the Excel sheet Create an Email of the sheet Intergrate into Repstar This would be a program that is similiar to the automate process. Following details the differences: COMM_UPDATE.PRG will not be triggered Trigger shipments.prg will create a unique file in the workarea directory to allow for multiuser ability Automate the updating of the Excel sheet will be changed to allow for multiuser ability Create an Email of the sheet to the user of RepStar