Aliexpress – 3 in 1 APP Remote Control Robot Cleaner Smart Super Quiet Sweeping and Vacuuming Sweeper Cleaning Machine for Home Office Use

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Price: 179.13 - 59.08

Super Quiet 3 In 1 Smart Sweeping Robot APP remote Control Sweeping and Vacuuming Sweeper For Home Office Use

Newly upgraded large water tank, intelligent planning and cleaning by App
1. The washing, sweeping, and mopping three in one, with a 135 ml large water tank, make it easier to get out of the way. Multi clock planning and cleaning, intelligent fall prevention.
2. Extreme simplicity, enjoying cleanliness to the fullest. 6.8 cm slim body, one click start, simple operation, and app intelligent remote control for more convenient operation.
3. Super large water tank capacity, capable of towing 150 square meters at a time, 3000 mAh, 80 minute range.
4. Wet drag down to 70 db, quiet and not disturbing.
5. 2000 pa super strong suction, sweeping and cleaning, extraordinary dust removal.
6. 510 ML sealed dust box, easy to clean once a week.

Due to the product is with Bluetooth, the bottom switch turn on will continue to consume power. If left unused,please turn the switch off or will consume electricity.

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