Aliexpress – 400W 33000PA Suction Power JR600 Cordless Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Home Appliance 1L Dust Cup Removable Battery

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[Automatic Dust Detection] Break the tradition, innovation in technology. With a built-in smart dust sensor system, BuTure JR600 cordless vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust the suction power according to the amount of dust in automatic mode. This allows the power of vacuum cleaner to be distributed appropriately and running time is more doubled compared to being in Max mode all the time. It is also easy to operate with one hand as you do not need to adjust the suction power manually frequently.
[Large Smart LED Display] BuTure cordless vacuums euquiped with large 3.8 inch LED display. All icons in the screen are larger for the convenience of the elderly and the near-sighted. You can get status of battery life, suction levels, brush roller tangled and dust sensor blocked in time. Know the status of the vacuum cleaner at any time, and the cleaning becomes more efficient.
[Unique Mechanical Knob Suction Adjustment] BuTure JR600 cordless vacuum adopts a 360 degree mechanical knob to manually adjust the suction power. By turning the outer ring of the display, you can adjust the suction power in the range of 10-33KPA. The vacuum cleaner has ten levels of suction, which truly realizes stepless speed adjustment .
[55 Minutes Runtime] The vacuum battery capacity has been upgraded again! Compared with 6 batteries, BuTure vacuum cleaners upgrade to 7*2500mah battery capacity. In Auto mode, the battery lasts up to 55 minutes, making it enough for a thorough cleaning on a 2,000-square-foot home. The battery can be removed and replaced with one click.
[Upgraded 2-in-1 Tangle-free Roller] Hard/soft bristles are integrated together on one tangle-free roller that works excellently on carpets and floors. With built-in comb structure and V-shaped roller, JR600 vacuum cleaner truly realizes no tangle of hair. It is the perfect choice for families with pets.
[Multiple Accessories & Worry-Free Service] The cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with crevice brush, round brush and telescopic tube, you can easily clean dust or pet hair from ceilings, sofas, carpets, hard floors and crevices. The wall bracket can store these accessories to avoid losing. BuTure provides 2-year free warranty and 7*24 after-sales service for valued customers after registration, and enjoy a high-quality buying experience!

The Latest Launch Vacuum for BuTure–JR600 Automatic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

With Large LED smart display, 33KPA suction and 400W power, automatic dust detect fuction, 55 minutes long battery life, 10 level knob adjustment, 1.2L super large-capacity dust box and adjustable telescopic tube, BuTure JR600 stick vacuum makes cleaning easier, you'll love it!

Automatic Dust Detection

Important innovation!!! With built-in smart sensor system, BuTure JR600 vacuum cleaner has two working modes

Automatic Mode — Vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust the suction power according to the amount of dust, achieving the best cleaning effect. There is no need to manually adjust the suction power frequently and it is also easy to operate with one hand.

Manual Mode — Withunprecedented 10-level suction adjustment, the highest suction can reach 33KPa(10-33KPa)
Large LED Smart Display

Large LED Smart Display & Knob Control

1.Real-time monitoring of remaining power, vacuum cleaner suction and locked rotor status, which is more convenient than vacuums without a display on the market.
2.Different from the traditional button vacuum cleaners on the market, the speed control button of JR600 has been upgraded-Knob Control! The 360° rotatable suction control allows you to switch between automatic and manual modes at will.

Upgraded 6-stage Cyclonic Filtration System

In order to maintain the best filtration performance—

1. Regularly clean the HEPA filter, dust container and brushes. Dry the HEPA filter before putting it back in place.

2. Change a new HEPA filter every 1 month.

*If you need more filters, you can buy them from our store.

Newly Upgraded Versatile Tangle-free Floor Brush

1.Hard/soft bristles are integrated together on one tangle-free roller that works excellently on carpets and floors;
2.Built-in anti-tangle comb structure and V-shaped roller, truly achieve no tangle of hair in the brush, it is the perfect choice for families with pets;
3.Equipped with bright LED lights, the garbage in the dark can also be found easily;
4.The floor brush can swing 180 degrees left and right, 90 degrees up and down, which easily enter the bottom of the bed and sofa for cleaning

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