Aliexpress – BUTURE JR500 450W 36000PA Suction Power Handheld Cordless Wireless Vacuum Cleaner Home Appliance 1.2L Dust Cup Removable Battery

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Price: 269.33 - 134.11

[UPGRADED 36KPA STRONG SUCTION POWER] Equipped with an upgraded 450W brushless motor, the lifespan of the BuTure JR500 cordless vacuum cleaner is extended by 5 times. With three-speed suction (15KPA~36KPA), it supports whole-house cleaning with different needs (cleaning debris, dust, cat litter, pet hair, etc.). Suction is as powerful as a corded vacuum and the lowest does a great job alone.
[55MIN ULTRA-LONG BATTERY LIFE] BuTure JR500 cordless vacuums is equipped with 7*2200mAh Lithium Battery, which ensures cleaning time up to 55 minutes. (NOTE:20 minutes at high suction and 55 minutes at low suction). The battery can be removed and replaced with one click, and you can purchase additional batteries for longer runtime.
[LARGE DIAMETER V-SHAPED ANTI TANGLING BRUSH] With a large diameter electric brush, BuTure JR500 vacuum cleaners can clean a larger area at a time. The built-in V-shaped roller can effectively prevent hair from tangling and avoid the trouble of frequent brushing. The floor brush comes with 6 LED lights for easy cleaning even in the dark.
[UPGRADED 6 LAYER FILTRATION SYSTEM] The cordless stick vacuum has a 6-layer filter system, which can filter particles as small as 0.3μm, effectively preventing dust from entering the engine, and at the same time releasing fresh air to prevent secondary pollution. The 1.2L large-capacity dust bucket reduces the frequency of emptying and completes the cleaning faster.
[MULTIFUNCTIONAL ACCESSORIES] BuTure JR500 stick vacuum cleaner cordless is equipped with crevice brush, 2-in-1 brush and telescopic tube, you can easily clean dust or pet hair from ceilings, sofas, carpets, hard floors and crevices. BuTure JR500 cordless vacuum is very lightweight. Hanging mount is great for storing unit and attachments.
[FRIENDLY AND EFFICIENT SERVICE] BuTure offer a hassle-free 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support. If you have any issues with cordless vacuum cleaner, you can ask for help.

Clean The Hygienic Blind Spot Under The Furniture

We put the dust container in front of the telescopic pole, so that the floor brush can reach into the deepest part of the furniture to clean. The minimum accessible height is 6 cm.

In order to maintain the best filtration performance

1. Regularly clean the HEPA filter, dust container and brushes. Dry the HEPA filter before putting it back in place.
2. Change a new HEPA filter every 1 month.

V-shaped Anti-tanging Brush

— Equipped with soft and hard bristles integrated brush, there is no need to replace the roller frequently, it will not scratch the floor, and it also can thoroughly clean the carpet residue.
— The roller brush has been fully upgraded, and the large-diameter built-in V-shaped roller is used to effectively prevent hair from entanglement, thereby avoiding frequent cleaning of the rollers and better protection of motor life

Removable Battery & Wall-mount Support

There are 3 ways to charger—

1. Install the battery directly on the vacuum cleaner and charge.

2. Remove the battery and charge it separately. (Spare battery can be purchased in our store and used interchangeably to extend runtime.)

3. Place the stick vacuum on the wall mount and connect the battery and charger

*Due to the safety of logistics and transportation, the battery is only 50% power in the package. Please charge in time before the first suing time!

Ulter Long Running Time

Up to 55 minutes of long battery life, easy to clean large areas. Different levels of suction have different battery life.

*Please note that due to different floor and endurance issues, the using time of the vacuum cleaner will also be affected.

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