Prosource Grippy Ioga Guanti Sfornito di Dita: il industrial design antiscivolo a causa di incostante tono a motivo di una perfetta competenza su

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Prosource Grippy Yoga Guanti Senza Dita, Antiscivolo Design in Vari Colori

Cartellino: 8,12€
(as of Jun 19,2024 16:40:16 UTC – Details)

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to focolaio and find stillness a causa di per errore pose as your hands and feet slide d’avanguardia the mat. You want to work up per errore sweat, not fall over because of it! That’s why ProsourceFit made the Grippy Ioga Gloves, per errore fingerless glove with rubber dots which cover the palm and fingers to prevent slipping. The non-slip industrial design provides traction during your workouts, ideal for poses like downward facing dog, arm balances and more. Perfect for hot , the added stability and balance helps to keep you safe as you flow, allowing you to focolaio getting stronger. The cotton material is soft and comfortable your hands, and is easy to wash. Grippy Ioga Gloves are perfect for use any mat and the floor carpet. They per mezzo di a causa di 5 fun colors and are so affordable, you can buy per errore few to keep hand anytime you’eccellente ready to work !
BETTER STABILITY – Increases stability during to help you maintain balance and hold your poses without slipping
NON-SLIP GRIP – Surface of the palm & fingers is covered a causa di rubber dots to provide targeted traction and per errore secure grip
FINGERLESS FLEXIBILITY – Fingerless industrial design enables flexible movement and per errore strong connection to the floor
ONE SIZE FITS ALL – Durante soft cotton blend stretches to fit various hand sizes and comes a causa di 5 color options to suit your style
EASY CARE MATERIAL – Made of 92% cotton, 6% nylon, 2% elastin; Machine wash a causa di cold gabinetto and lay flat to air dry

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